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In the Accelerate phase, we take a data-driven approach to marketing. We set up an advanced advertising strategy, optimize online listings, and experiment with social media platforms to attract more external traffic to the brand. By continuously testing and refining, we help you stay ahead of the rapidly changing
e-commerce world and give you a competitive advantage.



In the Kickstart phase, we prioritize online sales platforms and branding in workshops together with you and the Mercatus team. These sessions allow us to evaluate where your company stands today and identify areas of improvement. By focusing on sales strategies and brand messaging, we set the foundation for a successful business and establish a clear path toward rapid growth.




In the Scale phase, we look together for ways to keep expanding your company. We analyze search volumes to identify opportunities to broaden the product portfolio and develop an advanced D2C strategy to maximize sales. Additionally, we keep exploring new sales channels and help you achieve long-term growth.

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